Bottle of imported honey

Capilano revives Allowrie brand to sell cheap imported Chinese honey in Coles supermarkets

Despite the new labelling laws, Australia’s largest honey producer, – Capilano, is still disguising the fact it is selling cheap imported honey in Coles supermarkets under its revived Allowrie brand.

Bottle of imported honey
Bottle of imported honey

Presumably that is honeywhy the label doesn’t identify Capilano as the honey producer, and instead states that it is a Honey Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd product.

Nevertheless, the address provided for that company is 399 Archerfield Road in Richlands which is, you guessed it, the home of Capilano.

Doubtless Capilano’s switch to disguise, and to imports, was originally said to be prompted by a honey shortage amongst the company’s usual suppliers in Queensland.

Queensland apiarists certainly suffered badly in 2015’s extremely hot summer, with the wax honeycomb in some hives simply melting in the heat.

So it is perhaps understandable that Capilano felt forced to import honey to fulfil its supply contract with Coles.

But there are a number of disappointing aspects to Capilano’s action.

The Allowrie label certainly met the prevailing regulatory requirements by stating that the bottle is “Packed in Australia from quality imported and local ingredients.”

Arguably it also will meet the new labelling laws without disclosing country of origin.

And when I was last in a supermarket, the products label was unchanged from when I first photographed it in 2014.

It said that “While our preference is to use Australian honey, in times of drought and honey shortages we may source quality assured international honey until Australian honey is available again.”

But against the current backdrop of an emerging scandal over fake imported honey, it may be worth considering whether it is Capilano itself who has assured the quality of this imported honey.

Moreover,  some reports suggest that Capilano’s honey is being imported from China and Argentina. Both countries have been associated with fake honey scandals in the past.

So it is disappointing that Australian consumers are not being told where the honey is being imported from.


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24 thoughts on “Capilano revives Allowrie brand to sell cheap imported Chinese honey in Coles supermarkets”

  1. We the customers are expected to believe this latest BS from the likes of Coles –” Australian Honey is currently in short supply due to unexpected weather events in the industry. We are
    endeavouring to provide an alternative product if your favourite brand isn’t available.”

    It seems that it’s just a gimmick to make you buy a cheap import called AIRBORNE from overseas yet increase the prices of other honey brands. They have done the same with Golden Circle Pineapple in cans. although there are NO similar sinage where they keep the bottled or cartons of juices so where are the shortages if they can still supply juices. It all comes from the same fruit that they say there is a shortage of.

    The imported Pineapple from The Phillipines called DOLE is simply inedible and is sold in a 227gms can NOT 250 gms so they are ripping you off even more with the quantities.

    As far as the so-called honey shortage — I didn’t know that bees hibernated in winter ???

    1. actually they DO slow up, the honey IN the hives is needed BY the bees to survive and when its cold n wet they have to keep the queen and brood warm
      that means a bigger need for energy.
      its also a time when many plants are NOT flowering ie no nectar or pollen which they also eat and feed brood with
      many bees need to be fed supplemented sugarwater if trees dont bloom as in drought/after fires etc.
      then the huge damand for pollination bees means they lose all honey production from those hives.
      they work hard but dont get much nectar or pollen for themselves , and they cant feed any brood so well,
      no brood young means no new worker bees or drones etc for hive duties.
      if you want to blame Coles for demanding low priced honey..go ahead, their demands are non viable so you get blended honey.
      if you want to pay the real price for totally Aus honey then do so.

    1. Most areas have health shops, or markets were you can get Honey straight from the bee keepers…. Manuka honey is so worth your money.I would research it, i did, have tried it….and won’t go back. Buy Raw, Organic.. from the above mentioned….not supermarkets.

  2. Two weeks ago we bought 1 kg of Allowrie mixed blossom honey at Woolworths, Market Place in Bendigo. The honey had very low viscosity and ran like water – is this your usual quality ???

  3. I bought the Allowrie Mixed Blossom Pure & Natural Honey 600g a month ago, and when I had consumed one third of the honey, the rest of the honey in the plastic bottle crystallised, therefore I can’t consume any more of it and will have to throw it out. I have never had that problem in my lifetime of buying honey. What’s happening to the honey?
    Regards, Alex

    1. Crystallization is a natural process and there is no need to throw the honey out! Gentle and gradual heating will restore your honey to its liquid state, however some people make the mistake of microwaving their honey. This sudden “flash-heating” can actually destroy the enzymes and chemically change the honey. While remaining sweet, it becomes more like a processed sweetener and loses its nutritional value.

    2. Mix honey? No, can’t be pure…. you just don’t mix them. Always buy raw, or organic… If you can find your local bee keeper, at markets you will buy the best honey on the planet… Manuka ( realllly worth a read ) i feel is the best…. if you can’t get to a bee keeper… Not from a supermarket ….

  4. @ Alex, I have had EXACTLY the same issue with my bottle of Mixed Blossom – I have emailed them and am waiting for a reply.

    I have never had this with any honey before in my life!

    1. @Gloria & @Alex there’s nothing wrong with your honey in that you’re experiencing crystallisation. That is perfectly normal as far as I know. However given what this article is saying I would stay away from these brands and always look for an alternative that supports the smaller guys. Kangaroo Island honey from South Australia is amazing.

      1. Pure honey should not crystallize…ever… You can’t get the honey your body needs from a supermarket. Organic raw…Manuka honey ( so worth it ) or a bee keeper, straight from the hive. Health food shops too. Def NOT supermarkets…

  5. I bought the 1 kg Allowrie mixed blossom “honey” this week at WW Sarina, Qld, only because the local stuff I usually buy was unavailable at the time. It was so runny I couldn’t get a teaspoon of it into my cup of tea before it ran all over the bench. It also tasted sickly sweet and unnatural. Over a few days I tried it again a few times and I couldn’t shake the idea that it didn’t even taste like honey which is why I looked it up online and found this post.
    It was an absolutely woeful excuse for honey and I binned it.
    Although I always buy local honey when possible, Capilano has in the past been my emergency fallback because at least it was “Australian Honey”. Not anymore now I know that they are selling this rubbish. I generally consume at least a kilo of honey a week on toast, in tea and straight off a spoon but I’d prefer nothing to this stuff.
    Many thanks Admin for setting us straight.

  6. PLEASE change the PIC that shows via [Facebook] sharing = Australia’s finest and rarest honey. From the Tasmanian Honey Company 750gms of pure Tasmanian leatherwood honey— this is irresponsible and is discrediting this company!

    Cheers Haych @AuOrganicGarden

  7. The label on Allowrie MIXED BLOSSOM 1kg net, obviously lies. Stating the ingredients are “100% pure honey, Packed in Australia from quality local and imported ingredients. While our preference is to use Australian honey in times of drought and shortages we may source quality assured international honey until Australian honey is available again”. The tub of this ‘stuff I recently purchased at Coles has crystallized , meaning only one thing, IT IS NOT PURE HONEY, IT CONTAINS SUGAR. A KNOWN CARCINOGEN. Substituting honey for sugar is not acceptable and it’s a rip off too.

    1. That’s not actually true Brian, I am a bee keeper and honey will actually crystallize over time, just warm it up by placing the container in some hot water. However I would certainly steer clear of store bought honey, find a local bee keeper and get some honey you know is “real” honey

  8. Partner (male) bought the 1kg mixed blossom.
    Runs appallingly. Has initial honey flavour then something else, plus a slight sugar taste. Read label and was about to email allowrie only to find site….. So will still email allowrie and which ever stupor market HE bought it from. Next time HE can wait till I drive out to my bee man

  9. It’s always best to pay more and get Raw Local Honey .Honey to be best tasting and best for your health needs to be unheated and unfiltered.
    Be aware that it’s natural for honey to candy honey will candy
    At different rates some types candy within weeks of bottling .(yum get more on your spoon:)))
    It’s also normal for some honey to be runny .
    It’s also normal for honey to taste different depends on the flowers the bees have been working on.
    Supermarket honey is usually heated to help bottling and slow candying. It’s also blended to give it a more standard taste?
    It’s also filtered to make it look clear which also slows the candying.
    Raw unfiltered honey is more cloudy with particles of pollen,propolis and wax. It will and usually should candy ( dependant on floral type)
    And it tastes amazing and is realllllllly good for you internally and topically . Pay extra and try the real honey

  10. For goodness sake after reading these posts some people need to get a bee hive and see how natural honey changes .I can raid a hive within 2 weeks it can start to crystalize it depends on the weather also the sugar content of where the bees get the nectar has a lot to do with it normally if the honey has been adultarated with glucose it wont crystalize .If you are worried check the lable if it doesn’t say Australian product you don’t buy .OK that’s my say enjoy your honey .Cheers

    1. 🙂 and trying to get candied honey OUT of frames in an early cold spell…without breaking the frames or the extractor…
      in the cold n all the rest of the hell out in the field throws at you..
      pity more dont really know just how bloody hard a job it is!

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