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Welcome to TastyHoney.com - Australia's specialty online honey store

Welcome to TastyHoney.com.

This is where you can buy the finest Australian honey, like Tasmania's famous leatherwood honey, at great low prices. 

We have good stocks of leatherwood honey from the Tasmanian Honey Company, sought after by connoisseurs the world over.

We also have supplies of certified organic leatherwood honeys from R L Stephens, Tasmania's leading producer.

R L Stephens range includes a delicious 'creamed' leatherwood honey and a fabulous organic 'candied' leatherwood honey.

We  also sell 'raw' organic Tasmanian leatherwood honey from the boutique Heritage Honey apiary, the fantastic 'artisan' leatherwood honey from Miellerie , and the iconic Cradle Mountain leatherwood honeys.

Gourmet honey lovers will delight to know we  also have French lavender honey , and Meadow honey, both from the Tasmanian honey company.  

Specialty Australian honeys are available here, too, like Superbee's Macadamia honey andSuperbee's delicious, pure, orange blossom honeycomb.

Superbee's classic, Australian family-favourites like Ironbark honey, Eucalyptus honey, and Rainforest honey are on our shelves.

And of course, for local honey lovers we supply our own raw, 'golden sunlight' honey from Porcupine Ridge, near Daylesford in Victoria's central highlands.

We  also have the health-promoting, bio 'active' New Zealand Manuka honey and the Australian Super-Manuka honey and Jarrah honeys.

These 'active' honeys have unique, enhanced anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that promote good health.

We also stocking mini-honey, gift packs, and bulk honey, catering honey, cafe and restaurant honey solutions.

All our honeys are 100% pure and natural, entirely chemical-free and packed full of vitality and goodness.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter (@tsthoney), and email your stories and questions to mail@tastyhoney.com!

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